Sky Sports star Jeff Stelling quits Twitter after user ‘verbally abused his son’

Jeff Stelling.
Jeff Stelling.

SKY Sports presenter Jeff Stelling has announced he is quitting Twitter after claiming a fellow user verbally abused his son.

The Soccer Saturday star said he was shutting down his Twitter account after someone posted on the social media platform saying his son was a “s**** keeper.”

Mr Stelling said he was “steaming” after the user, who was playing against the 14-year-old in a youth match, made the comment, and he could not trust himself to respond in a “correct way”.

The presenter became more enraged and asked the user who he played for as the initial tweet was said to have been quickly deleted.

Mr Stelling wrote: “U called my son a s**** keeper then deleted it. Don’t go all innocent now. It is not banter. It’s abuse, my son is 14.”

He then posted a series of messages to his followers apologising for his bad language.

In another post he wrote: “My apologies for the language but this persons time line simply appalling. I got irritated. Hope I offended no one.”

In a final comment he posted to Twitter: “Thanks for your support over last couple of years. Am closing account as I don’t trust myself to respond to some people in a correct way.”