Skydiver back in the harness

A UNIVERSITY student who cheated death after both his parachutes failed to open during his first-ever skydive has taken to the skies again.

Liam Byrne, 18, is back in the harness just a month after he miraculously escaped injury when his parachute became entangled.

Thankfully, he landed 30ft up a tree and was rescued by firefighters from Peterlee Fire Station, as reported by the Mail at the time.

But amazingly, he has bravely overcome his near-miss and has done three jumps since the October 13 incident, at Shotton Airfield.

And airfield owner Ian Rosenvinge said Liam, who was taking his first jump with fellow Northumbria University students, would have no doubt been on more skydives had conditions let him.

Mr Rosenvinge said: “He has done three or four now, but has been thwarted by the weather and would have done more. He was back by November 11 and then did a jump on November 14 and on November 24.

“He came one afternoon and did one jump and then wanted to do another but we had to stop him as it was getting dark at 3.50pm.”

Mr Rosenvinge said it was a case of “each to their own” on whether parachutists who had been in similar situations decided to return to the skies.

He added that Liam had been advised to learn to arch his body more to reduce the risk of entanglement and Liam, who is from Doncaster but living in Newcastle, is improving on this.

“Some people take 30 to 40 jumps to get to that stage and some take 18 or so, Liam has got potential and he is keen and enthusiastic,” added Mr Rosenvinge.