SLIDESHOW: Amazing photos by intrepid Hartlepool photographer

A DANGEROUSLY talented photographer has decided to keep her feet firmly on level ground from now on after years of scaling iconic buildings and snapping countries from underground.

Lucinda Grange has travelled the world – and risked her life – taking extreme photographs and going the extra mile to get the best possible picture.

The 24-year-old, who turns 25 next week, says her maturity has brought with it an ever-growing sense of danger, so she has decided to quit the stunts while she is ahead and has settled down with a studio in Church Street where she concentrates on family photo shoots and portraits.

But the former student of Cleveland College of Art and Design is also compiling a book of photographs with tales of her adventures from around the globe, and is waiting to hear whether a weekend of thrills in Paris will be made into a Hollywood film.

She told the Mail: “I turn 25 next week and I’m quite happy to stop the danger stuff now!

“Children are just born curious and it’s just taken a bit longer for me to develop fear, however, now it’s starting to creep in. I’m either brave or stupid, I don’t know which, and I’ve certainly caused my parents a lot of worry! I tend not to tell what I’m doing until it’s done.”

Lucy, who lives and grew up in Blackhall and attended Wellfield Community School, in Wingate, added: “The last thing I climbed was a pyramid in the middle of terrible unrest in Egypt. People ask why did I do and it’s because when you climb something like this you feel far more connected to the landscape. If you’re behind a cage or surrounded shoulder to shoulder with other tourists, it’s just not the same.

“I wanted to feel more of a personal connection with the place. I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead though!”

Lucy said she and a friend hid on top of an Egyptian tomb during daylight and waited for 12 hours for night to fall, hoping not to be seen.

And when darkness came, Lucy sneaked off the tomb and ran to the base of the pyramid before starting the mammoth climb to the top.

She told the Mail: “I’ll remember it forever, I don’t think I could forget something like that.”

Lucinda and some friends went to Paris in the summer of 2012 and climbed the Notre Dame to photograph the city from the roof.

One of the party, a writer called Matt Power from New York, wrote an article on their shenanigans which appeared in the American edition of GQ in February.

Hollywood script writers are now looking at the adventures to see whether it could be made into a film.

She said: “We’ll have to wait and see. I was the only girl there so it would be interesting to see who would play me and how my character would be depicted.”