SLIDESHOW: Heritage since 1921 captured on camera

A community’s heritage has been captured on a new DVD.

Easington Village and Easington Colliery feature on the new disc, called Easington: A Journey Through Time.

A Morrison shelter in Easington

A Morrison shelter in Easington

The DVD delves into Easington’s industrial and social heritage with archive footage and still photographs.

It begins with coal-mining and the colliery, with rare archive footage of men at work on the coalface and a look at the tragedy that struck on May 29, 1951, when an explosion ripped through the underground workings causing the death of 81 miners and two rescuers.

There is also footage of strikes in 1921 and a look at how hard it was to survive in those days without work, with children attending soup kitchens and miners and families scavenging for coal.

There are also scenes of children receiving donated Christmas presents during periods of industrial action, as well as footage of young mining trainees learning their trade before going underground.

Church Of Ascension Fayre Easington Colliery c1950

Church Of Ascension Fayre Easington Colliery c1950

The DVD also shows scenes from the 1947 Durham Gala, as well as images from Ladies Day in the 1950s, and numerous carnivals.

Viewers might recognise themselves in school photographs on display from the 1920s-1960s, as well as footage of leisure time, from cycling to dancing at Welfare Hall.

Also captured are sword-dancing scenes, local scouts and women playing football.

Family archive film from Christmas in Easington shows presents and toys from the 1930s, as well as footage from Easter.

The effects of the Second World War on Easington are also featured in the DVD.

The hour-long DVD, costing £5.99, is one of a series based on the bygone North-East, released by local history group Six Townships.

John Dawson, of Six Townships, said: “There is so much on this film that it makes a fantastic journey into the past and you never know you may see yourself, a member of your family or a friend.”

It is available from or by calling 07850 465009 and is free to schools.