SLIDESHOW: Snow fears dispelled

HARTLEPOOL and East Durham have faced a mixed bag of weather conditions in the last month but experts predict the town is not set to face further snow in the immediate future.

The Hartlepool Mail area faced snow and freezing temperatures that fell as low as -7C as January saw us facing some of the worst wintery conditions in recent years.

Sunset, Hartlepool Marina.

Sunset, Hartlepool Marina.

But snow covered estates and traffic disruption seem like a distant memory after the snow largely disappeared by the start of this week.

Experts at the Met Office predict that Hartlepool will not face further snow in the coming days and the forecast for the entire UK for the rest of the month predicts that snow will only fall on high ground.

In the town there is expected to be showers late this afternoon and tonight and the weekend will be mostly dry with the odd shower.

Temperatures will be at their lowest on Saturday when they will struggle to reach low single figures and on Sunday and Monday they are expected to top 8C, although the wind-chill factor will make it feel colder.

The UK forecast up until mid-February says: “The weather is likely to remain unsettled throughout next week, with rain interspersed by clearer and showery interludes.

“The rain is likely to be heaviest and most persistent across the north and west, and will also be accompanied by strong or occasionally gale force winds.

“Temperatures are expected to be near normal or mild during the unsettled conditions, but falling just below with a risk of frost and hill snow during the clearer and showery interludes. “Towards the middle of the month, it is likely that the unsettled conditions will continue to dominate across the UK but temperatures may be a little cooler than of late with an increasing risk of overnight frosts and wintry showers to lower levels, especially in the north of the UK.”

The UK outlook for Thursday, February 14, to Thursday, February 28, adds: “There are large uncertainties at this forecast range, however indications are that colder than average conditions will become more likely across most parts of the UK.

“Northwestern parts of the UK may well see drier than average conditions on the whole. Southern and eastern parts of the UK could see average or even greater than average amounts of precipitation.”