‘Slurred’ speech was drugs giveaway

A MAN suspected to be under the influence of drugs because of his “slurred” voice was arrested by police for possession of a class C drug.

Paul Downing was spotted by police sweating and with glazed eyes in Murray Street, Hartlepool, carrying a bottle of alcohol.

Officers stopped the 39-year-old, and when they searched him they found a sleeve of 10 temazepam tablets, prosecutor Paula Sanderson told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court.

She added: “He said he’d bought them for 50p each but refused to say where from.”

Downing, of Bruce Crescent, Hartlepool, pleaded guilty to possession of the class C drugs on June 14.

David Smith, mitigating, said: “He does have a rather slurred tone to his voice even when he’s not under the influence.

“He admits he had a packet of 10 tablets but said he had not yet taken any.”

District Judge Martin Walker sentenced him to a six-month supervision requirement because he believes “the defendant needs help to cope without this powerful drug”.