Snapper Bob steps in to save Hartlepool wedding after photographer failed to turn up

Wedding photographer Robert Usher (centre) stepped in for Stuart and Rebecca Hannon
Wedding photographer Robert Usher (centre) stepped in for Stuart and Rebecca Hannon

A PHOTOGRAPHER saved a bride and groom’s big day literally at the last minute after they were left without a wedding snapper just the night before.

Rebecca and Stuart Hannon were due to tie the knot at The Grand Hotel, in Swainson Street, Hartlepool, on September 13.

But the night before their wedding they discovered that the photographer they had booked to capture the big day was actually in Ibiza and would not be back in town in time.

A family friend offered to help out by taking a few pictures but when staff at The Grand saw him struggling they called on Hartlepool photographer Bob Usher to come and point him in the right direction.

Bob ran from his office in York Road, arrived with the wedding party minutes later, and decided to save the day by taking a series of professional shots as a good will gesture.

Today Rebecca, 23, nee Hierons, thanked Bob for his kindness and said: “We couldn’t believe it when we were let down, it was such a panic. A friend of ours offered to take some pictures and he started to take some after the ceremony.

“But the manager of the hotel decided to ring Bob Usher and he came and did all the pictures. He was amazing and we can’t thank him enough.”

Bob, owner of Robert Usher Photography, added: “My studio was a five minute walk away so I went along in my jeans and T-shirt. I had to help them out I couldn’t let their big day be ruined.

“I was glad to help out.”

Rebecca and Stuart, 23, who met while working behind the bar in the Hillcarter Hotel, in Church Street, booked photographer Chris Gray about six months before their wedding and paid a £50 deposit, with a view to paying £250 in total.

The pair emailed him a few weeks before the date to check everything was in place and after an initial delay in replying, Mr Gray did respond and said everything was in place.

But when they tried to double check plans the night before the wedding they had trouble contacting him and were told by a friend that he was working in Ibiza.

Rebecca, who is mum to the couple’s 13-month-old son William Hannon, said: “It all turned out alright in the end but it was very stressful. I was very annoyed that someone I’d booked in advance didn’t turn up for our wedding day.”

The Mail spoke to photographer Chris through his Facebook account in Ibiza, where he was working as a nightclub photographer, and he admitted it was his fault and said he was “unprofessional”.

He said he had internet trouble, and feared losing his wages if he left the island before the end of the season. Chris said he tried to arrange another photographer for the couple but couldn’t and as soon as he regained internet access he tried contacting the couple, stating that as soon as he was back to the UK he would immediately return their deposit.