So many ways to be fit and healthy

LEISURE chiefs in Hartlepool are creating a huge programme of sports and fitness events as part of the town’s legacy to the Olympics.

Town recreation chiefs say last Summer’s London Games were so influential, they caused a 50 per cent increase in the numbers of people taking up swimming in Hartlepool.

Similar rises were reported in other sports, but officials don’t want to just reflect on an impressive past, they want Hartlepool to have a strong commitment to sport in 2013.

It comes after sporting legend Lord Sebastian Coe gave a golden thumbs-up to Mail’s Race For Fitness project for the way it inspired a town to get healthy in 2012.

A new study also revealed how the town had the second best figures in the whole of the North-East after there was a 5.1 per cent mrise in the number of people who took up sport last year.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s principal recreation officer, Maxine Crutwell, said: “We are putting on extra activities such as boot camps and fit camps which we would perhaps not have done before.

“We want to interact with the public and we want to interact with a new audience. That might be something which would be interesting to people who have over-indulged at Christmas.

“Some people might be thinking that 2013 is the year for them and will look to improve their health.

“Like the Hartlepool Mail’s Race For Fitness programme last year, we are not asking people to improve themselves in one particular sport, but perhaps take a look at all the facilities we have to offer.

“We want to give people a kickstart to fitness.”

The forward-thinking sport and recreation team at the council is coming up with new ways of people to find out more about fitness alternatives.

It offers details via a text service, as well as on Twitter, email, by telephoning and online.

It also has links with the GP referral scheme to make sure people are ready to get fit.


Mill House Leisure Centre, Raby Road, Hartlepool, TS24 8AR. Tel: (01429) 223791.

Headland Sports Hall, Union Street, Headland, Hartlepool, TS24 0NZ. (01429) 236564.

Brierton Sports Centre, Catcote Road, Hartlepool, TS25 4BY (01429) 284864.

Sport and Physical Activity Team on (01429) 284050.

The GP Referrals Team on (01429) 284363.

Summerhill Outdoor Sports Centre and Country Park on (01429) 284584.

The Outdoor Activities Team on (01429) 284104.

General enquires on (01429) 523404.


Anyone wanting to receive regular updates on sport and recreation activities and promotions, should email and send their mobile number with their full name, age.

They should let the team know their types of interests and they will receive regular updates.

Follow the sports and recreation team via Twitter @HBCSport for regular updates, news and promotions.