Something fishy going on at new Hartlepool chippy

Ray Morton at The Coble in Tower Street.
Ray Morton at The Coble in Tower Street.

A Hartlepool businessman says there is certainly something fishy going on at his new chip shop.

Ray Morton says since taking over premises in Tower Street there have been lots of ghostly goings-on.

There has been loads of weird stuff going on

Ray Morton

The 50-year-old took over the former print works and has transformed the building into The Coble, which is a fish and chip restaurant.

But after moving into the building, Ray found he wasn’t the only tenant there and several strange things have been happening.

The former rig-worker, said: “When we got the building and carried out the work we had a cleaning company come in to do a deep clean.

“I left the building and when I came back the woman was very distressed, she said she had seen a big man walk through the wall and out the other side.

“Since then there has been loads of weird stuff going on.”

Ray and members of his team at the fish shop have experienced things such as lights switching themselves off and on, bins suddenly launching themselves across the room on their own and the feeling of being touched on the shoulder when there’s no one there.

The building, which houses a number of companies and also residents in flats, dates back to 1880 – and Ray says lots of people who have lived or worked in it have reported strange happenings.

Ray said: “It seems to be haunted by a man and what I assume to be his wife.”

But, the ghostly happenings are not putting Ray off his new venture.