Son creates cartoon of key moments in mum’s life as loving tribute

Joy Adams
Joy Adams

A SON created a cartoon depicting some of the key moments in his mother’s life in tribute to her after she died.

Hartlepool ex-pat Dr George Adams, who lives in Hong Kong, made the short computer generated comic strip of his mother Joy Adams who recently passed away just two days before her 96th birthday at Warrior Park Care Home in Seaton Carew.

The touching tribute depicts her early years, war work, her move to Hartlepool from the Lake District and passing.

Joy, born Alice Joyce Taylor, grew up in the Lake District and during the Second World War worked in laboratories aiding scientific research.

In 1950, she moved to Hartlepool to marry her husband George Adams and made the town her home for the rest of her life.

Son George, 55, said: “Joy was a child of the Lakes, naive, spontaneous and forthright.

“She was also strikingly beautiful, turning heads wherever she went all her life.”

After marrying, Joy took on the upbringing of her husband’s two daughters from his first marriage, Wendy and Jean.

The couple went on to have four sons of their own, Keith, 60, Graham, 58, George, 55, and Malcolm, 50.

Joy, a grandmother of eight, worked in various jobs in the food industry and in the sales booth of a town bingo hall.

George added: “Joy loved gardening, music and had a great respect for culture, sophistication high-mindedness and religion.

“She kept her naive childish nature all her life, impressing people also in Switzerland and Hong Kong, and brought up her four tall strapping sons to be self-reliant, independently minded, honest, virtuous and unafraid of speaking their minds.”

George said his mother was blessed with a youthful vitality well into her eighties.

Explaining the computer cartoon he made he said: “They are very easy to do using online software. And words are important.

“You don’t have to be an artist nowadays to express yourself in cartoons.”

Joy’s funeral was held at Stranton Crematorium last Friday.