Son punched himself in his own face

A TEENAGER began punching his own face and told his dad ‘I’ll get you locked up’ following a row over rent.

Wayne Carl Long landed himself in custody and in court after he got involved in the heated argument with his father in Chepstow Walk, Hartlepool.

His dad claimed the 19-year-old had not been paying his way and the defendant began making threats towards him, Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court was told.

Long’s dad told police he felt threatened so grabbed his arm only to watch his son start punching himself about the face, and saying he would get his father locked up

Prosecuting, Alan Davison, told Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court: “Police were called to the defendant’s father’s address at 10.40am.

“The defendant was with his father and they had an argument over the fact the defendant hadn’t been paying his rent. The defendant made threats to damage his father’s property and motor vehicle.

“His father felt threatened by him so his father grabbed hold of his arm.

“The defendant started to punch himself in the face saying ‘I’ll get you locked up’, and then he locked himself in his bedroom.

“His father contacted police to assist them in removing him from the property.”

He added: “The defendant then told police that should he be removed he would only return when the police had gone.

“As he was being led from the property he shouted, ‘I’m going to get you for this’. Police had no alternative but to lock him up for the night.”

Long admitted breaching the peace, on November 15, and agreed to be bound over in the sum of £50 for six months by chairman of the bench Peter Bowes.

Mitigating, Neil Taylor said he did not wish to “air dirty laundry in public” but said: “There was an argument last night and my client couldn’t calm down and wouldn’t vacate the premises when asked.

“The family need to sit down and sort out these issues.”

Mr Bowes told Long, of Chepstow Walk, who smirked throughout the hearing behind the glass screen of the dock: “Wayne, this might sound like something that’s a punishment but isn’t, but believe you me, if you do end up before us again it might be considerably more serious which I’m sure you aren’t going to find amusing.”

He added: “Start learning to use your ears before you use your gob.”