Speed bumps and 20mph limit in two Hartlepool streets slammed as 'a waste of money'

A 20mph speed limit could be intrudoced in Murray Street, Hartlepool.

Readers say Hartlepool Council has taken a wrong turn with two proposed road safety schemes in the town.

The neighbourhood and services committee is to decide today whether to introduce a 20mph speed limit in Murray Street, and to install speed humps in Kipling Road.

Readers say parked cars make it almost impossible to do more than 20mph along Murray Street anyway. Pic: Google Maps.

The work is set to cost £35,000, but people who commented on the Mail's Facebook page aren't convinced that either scheme is necessary, or will improve road safety.

Paul McKenna said: "Still won't make any difference. People will be using speed bumps as launching pads."

Steve Atkinson agreed: "We should educate people instead - reducing the speed doesn't work, as they have no one to police it."

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Readers are sceptical that speed humps will improve road safety in Kipling Road. Pic: Google Maps.

William Robinson added: "What a waste of money. Responsible drivers already know you would be hard pressed to get over 20mph along there anyway, and the idiots that don't care won't be worried about humps - the only thing humps do is break front suspension springs."

Daniel Morgan asked: "I'd love to know the statistics of road traffic accidents on Murray Street to warrant the drop in speed limit."

Claire Marsey said: "I live near Murray Street and can see it, and have never seen an accident there! Waste of money again."

Matthew Todd said the changes will do little good: "They will only find another way to go, then make another road just as dangerous if not more dangerous."

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Stephanie Hall said there are other problems: "They need to sort the people out that park illegally. That’s more dangerous."

Ian Hardy isn't a fan of the traffic claming measures: "Anti-speed bumps are not safe anyway, certainly not for your car's suspension. no matter what speed you do.

"It is just another way to waste good money when there are lots of potholes that it could be better spent on."

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Karen Coussons agreed: "They just love wasting money. Speed bumps are a pain - literally - for people who suffer with back pain. Every bump jilts you.

"They won't be so quick to pay out for damage to cars though ...speed bumps are the worst idea ever."

Debbie Ann queried: "I thought the government were phasing speed bumps out. They're not environmentally friendly as you have to brake and then rev and speed up again.

Beverley Glover said the measures are a waste of time: "With all of the parked vehicles and the blind bend in the road most drivers already travel at 20mph or less.

"Save the money and spend it on a subsidised bus service from the town up to the park and then on to the hospital. Help cut the need for cars - not the speed."

Billy Gibson had the final word, saying: "There's that many parked cars you can't even get up to 20mph, so money wasted."

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