Spooky stuff on historic ship

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THINGS that go bump in the night are proving to be a big attraction – on board a historic Hartlepool ship.

For HMS Trincomalee is no longer just a tourist attraction. She’s a real pull among followers of the paranormal.

David McKnight, the manager of HMS Trincomalee Trust, said: “We have gone from having a zero start to having seven or eight of these things each year.

“People tend to come on board at about 9pm and they will stay until around 4am.

“They often say they have found things.

“We are getting a stream of inquiries from people wanting to hold paranormal nights.”

Mr McKnight said visiting tourists have reported unusual “feelings” and events on the ship.

“One woman came on board and had to get back off almost immediately. She said she had sensed something.

“Another woman was in the area of the mess deck. She went down past the hammock and felt as if someone had reached out and tried to grab her hair.

“The fact that this is happening to sensible people makes you think there might be something in it.”

Mr McKnight said paranormal groups were now making regular inquiries to go on board with all of their equipment – adding that it was not that unusual to expect paranormal activity on Trincomalee.

He said: “On ships of this type, you would quite regularly get seamen who were swept off and overboard.

“It is not too hard to think that if someone had been up the masts they might have fallen to their death. I am quite sure there would have been deaths.”

Mr McKnight said the fact that the ship was based in a former working dockyard would have added to the chances of tragedy happening.

He added: “The paranormal groups which have been on board had reported strange noises, and strange feelings. It is quite intriguing.”

Anyone wanting to find out more should contact the ship’s trust on (01429) 223193.