Spotlight on controversial homes plan

HARTLEPOOL Mayor Stuart Drummond will attend a public meeting next week to talk about future housing developments near the Fens estate.

The Fens Residents Association has organised the event to examine proposals to build a new housing at Claxton adjacent to the Fens.

The land has been highlighted for possible new housing as part of Hartlepool Borough Council's core strategy, which could transform the shape of the town.

Mayor Drummond and Hartlepool Borough Council planning officers will be at the public meeting on Wednesday, January 19.

Organisers are hoping as many residents as possible will be in attendance to air their views ahead of the deadline for comments.

Robert Smith, vice chairman of the Fens Residents Association, said: "The deadline for comments related to the revised proposals is February 11, so this meeting will be invaluable to anyone who is concerned about the future of our area.

"The Mayor and the planners have been made aware of many of the issues that residents consider to be still unresolved, or needing clarification, even after revisions following the initial proposals.

"Turning up at the meeting will make a difference and assist people in deciding upon their response."

The meeting will take place at 7pm in Fens Primary School hall, Mowbray Road, Hartlepool.

Mr Smith added the relevant council papers are available through the Fens Residents Association website at and select the Consultation page.