‘Springing’ into recycling action

Michael Proud at his facility
Michael Proud at his facility

A WASTE management firm has sprung into action to recycle thousands of old mattresses.

Hartlepool firm J & B Recycling has invested in a sophisticated shredding machine which strips old mattresses down into metal, springs, foam and other materials.

Sixty tonnes of mattresses were recycled by the business in September which is the equivalent of 1,500 double beds or 3,000 single beds.

The company’s production manager Michael Proud said: “With mattresses being so bulky, they take up a lot of volume at landfill sites.

“There are millions that are thrown away every year. But there is no reason at all why they should be going to landfill as so much of the waste material can be recycled.

“Since we invested in the new machinery, we have been able to significantly increase the amount of material we can shred. It is a simple and efficient way to recycle.”

J & B Recycling, which is based in Hartlepool, bought the Edge Slayer shredding machine in May to increase the capacity of old mattresses it can divert from landfill.

The Edge Slayer is capable of processing extremely difficult materials such as wood, railway sleepers, green waste and tyres at a consistent rate of one tonne per hour. Around half of the weight stripped from sprung mattresses is metal with the rest going to energy from waste.

J & B Recycling processes mattresses from several recycling centres from local authorities across the north of England. Other mattresses are collected from sources such as hotels, hospitals and housing refurbishments.

Mr Proud added: “On average, the Edge Slayer shreds one mattress per minute and it has self-cleaning shafts which means that we no longer have to remove wire from the shafts at the end of the day.

“We are averaging 60 tonnes of mattresses per month and that is something we expect to see increase as people understand that old mattresses can be recycled.”