Stan fights on in map blunder

Stan Laundon
Stan Laundon

A FORMER radio presenter is continuing his campaign to get a historic part of Hartlepool placed correctly on the map.

Stan Laundon’s bid to have the town’s Middleton marked in the right location on Google Maps has been going on for a year.

The internet giant has the area, in the town’s docklands, which was itself a community and home to terraced streets and a pub, marked as being on the Headland – in St Helen’s Primary School field.

The Smallcrafts pub still stands in the area known as Middleton.

Stan took exception to Google marking Middleton as being on the Headland and contacted the multi-national corporation to put them straight.

The 69-year-old, who lives in the marina area, said: “My conversation with Google Maps has been going on since April 2012, when I told them Middleton is not where they said it was – just along from the Town Moor.”

In his correspondence to Google, Stan wrote: “Middleton is not where you say it is on Google maps.

“Middleton is near the marina in lower Middleton Road – not in old Hartlepool or the Headland.”

But Google said they have conflicting information regarding “the problem”, so couldn’t make the change to the map which Stan had requested.

However, Stan persisted with his campaign, and sent another email in May.

“I assure you, as a person of almost 69 years and whose family was brought up in the former village, the location is, as where I previously stated.”

But despite receiving an acknowledgement message thanking him for a reply, Stan heard no more from Google, until last month.

And despite Stan re-sending the historic map and re-submitting details, including place names such as Commercial Street, Slake Terrace and Ferry Road, Google’s latest response to Stan is that his report is “being reviewed”.