‘Stay out of the water’ – Cracked sewage pipe sparks Seaton Carew warning

The beach at Seaton Carew
The beach at Seaton Carew

BEACHGOERS are being advised not to bathe in water on a Hartlepool beach due to a cracked sewage pipe.

Hartlepool Borough Council is urging members of the public to stay out of the water at the town’s Seaton Carew resort due to the sewer main suffering a fracture.

A spokesman for the council said the warning was a “precautionary measure”.

He said: “Due to a fracture in a sewer main, people are advised not to bathe in the water at Seaton Carew.”

The news comes just days before thousands of children are due to break up from school for their six-weeks summer holidays and would potentially head for days out at the beach with their friends and family.

For more advice call 0800 807060.

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