Steelmen celebrate

The Redcar plant in action
The Redcar plant in action

STEELMAKING has returned to Teesside as the first slabs were due to come off the production line at one of the UK’s biggest steel plants.

The blast furnace at the steelworks plant in Redcar was rescued from the prospect of closure a year ago by Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI) of Thailand.

On Sunday, a gas lance was used to re-ignite the furnace to mark the resumption of steelmaking on Teesside following the mothballing of the plant in February 2010.

The first slab of steel was due to roll off the production line at 9.30am this morning.

Around 1,700 workers are now employed on the site and the figure will increase to 1,800, similar to the numbers on site under the previous ownership.

The site will produce steel slab, almost all of which will be exported to Thailand.

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