Steetley search for clues draws a blank

Police and search rescue teams scour the Steetley site
Police and search rescue teams scour the Steetley site

A SPECIALISED search team failed to uncover any clues in the search for a missing dad Darren Waller when they scoured a derelict industrial site.

Police were joined by 16 dedicated members of the Cleveland Search and Rescue Team in the operation at the former Steetley site, in the West View area of Hartlepool.



The 36-year-old dad-of-three, who has not been seen since January 9, used to walk his dog in the area and the teams were hoping the search could help them find a clue on his whereabouts.

Volunteers from the search and rescue team, who are all fully trained and meet every week, spent around three hours picking through the site looking for anything that could prove to be crucial.

Barry Warrington, public relations officer for the team, said the former Steetley site was very hazardous, but they searched as thoroughly as possible.

He told the Mail: “Unfortunately we didn’t come across anything that will be helpful in the search.

“We searched the site as thoroughly as we could, but there were areas in the site which were just too hazardous.

“It is a restricted site, but everyone can feel confident that we have looked as carefully as we could have done.”

Detective Superintendent Gordon Lang, said: “We are grateful for the assistance from Cleveland Search and Rescue whose input was invaluable.

“Darren was known to have walked his dog in the area near the site and it was a logical place to search as our investigation into his disappearance continues.

“Unfortunately we did not find anything which might help progress our enquiries, but I would like to take this opportunity to remind people who may have information on Darren’s whereabouts to please contact police urgently.”

Police are urging anyone with information that could help find Darren to ring (01642) 326326.