Stewie grabs his chance with both hands

Stewie Brown at Niramax
Stewie Brown at Niramax

A TEENAGER says the job he secured at a recycling firm after appearing on a television show has “changed his life”.

Hartlepool 19-year-old Stewie Brown took part in Channel 4’s Fairy Jobmother programme after being unemployed for several months.

Since leaving Manor College of Technology three years ago, Stewie held down jobs in property maintenance, shop fitting, and bar work.

But when the shifts in Yates, Victoria Road, dried up after Christmas he found himself back in the dole queue, until he bumped into Hayley Taylor and the Fairy Jobmother team in Hartlepool town centre and he was asked to take part in the show.

Viewers watched how Stewie impressed Niramax bosses enough for them to give him a chance of a job as a driver’s mate, based at their site in Thomlinson Road, Hartlepool.

Stewie, of Bransdale Grove, off Station Lane, in Seaton Carew, was delighted to be given the opportunity and has never looked back since the day he started.

He told the Mail: “My motivation has totally changed and my perception of life. I’ve got more get up and go. I do 12-hour shifts working from 5am to 5pm, five days a week, sometimes more. I really, really enjoy it.

“I’m building bridges with my family as well. Getting this job was a big step because they can see I’m motivated and trying to make something of myself.

“They’re all behind me and I think they’re proud, I hope they are.”

He added: “Hayley Taylor told us at the start that looking for a job was a job in itself. If you work at getting a job from 9am until 5pm for three weeks you can get something.

“The jobs are out there you just need to go and get them. That’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve learned.

“Before the programme I was desperate, but now I’m so much happier and I’d like to say a massive thanks to Niramax for giving me the interview and giving me a chance. I hope I’m proving myself as a worthy employee, I honestly think I am anyway.”