‘Stick to the limit’ warning for Headland drivers

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COUNCIL chiefs are asking drivers to stick to the speed limit in a blanket 20mph zone as the authority monitors its early stages.

The whole of the Headland was made a 20mph zone in June after a decision taken by Hartlepool Borough Council’s neighbourhood services committee in December last year.

The decision to lower the limit from 30mph was endorsed by councillors following a request from Headland Parish Council.

As well as letters being sent out there was also a public drop-in session and officers said from a total of 1,600 consultation letters, 395 replies were received with 255 in favour and 140 against.

Now council chiefs are appealing for all drivers to stick to the new speeds in a move that came after concerns being expressed about speeding motorists, particularly on Durham Street and Northgate.

A spokesman said: “There was backing from the local community for the 20mph zone on the Headland which was introduced recently. The scheme is still in its infancy and we will be monitoring it to evaluate its effectiveness.

“We appeal to all motorists to observe the new speed restrictions on the Headland and we will continue to liaise closely with the Police to ensure that everything is done to make this scheme a success and make roads on the Headland safer.”

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said drivers should watch their speed and that enforcement was a last resort.

The spokeswoman said: “20mph zones should be engineered for compliance by road users and where compliance is not being achieved alternative road designs should be looked at.

“Speed enforcement should be the last resort in order to educate drivers about the speeding issues.”

Parish councillors had asked for the area to be considered for a 20mph zone and the scheme cost £1,000.

Large 20mph signs are at the Headland entrance, with repeat signs throughout the area.