‘Still case to answer’ for nurse accused of taping Hartlepool resident to chair

The Briar Court care home Hutton Avenue
The Briar Court care home Hutton Avenue

A CARE home nurse accused of taping a resident to a chair when she was ‘in the mood for horseplay’ admitted she saw him tied up over a decade ago.

Alison Standing was the deputy manager, and later acting manager, at the Briar Court Nursing Home, Hartlepool, at the time of the allegation between September 2007 and May 2012.

Standing denied taping the resident to the chair, but said she had seen him restrained in the office at the home when she walked in to start her shift.

“I do recall about 12 or 13 years ago an incident where Resident A was taped to a chair in the office,’ she said.

“It was quite high-spirited, the pair of them [Resident A and a colleague] were laughing and joking and carrying on and Resident A was finding the incident enjoyable, I suppose is possibly the word to use.”

Standing told the panel she could not remember if she untied him, but that she had completed an incident form and handed it to her manager at the time.

Standing’s representative asked for the case against her to be dropped before panel chair Joy Julien announced five allegations against the nurse would be thrown out due to insufficient evidence, but said there was a case to answer in respect of the allegation she tied Resident A to a chair.

She said: “The panel was of the view that Resident A was clear in his evidence that you had taped him to the chair.

“If the panel accepts the evidence in respect of this charge, it may be sufficient to find the charge proved.

“The panel is in no doubt that, if the facts were proved, there is a case to answer in respect of charge six.”

The hearing continues.