Stolen rabbits mysteriously returned

Tylor Anderson, aged four, with one of his returned pet rabbits Barney.
Tylor Anderson, aged four, with one of his returned pet rabbits Barney.

TWO pet rabbits stolen along with their hutches from an allotment in Hartlepool have been returned to their rightful owners.

Barney and Tulip, who belonged to Jo and Aid Peel and their little grandson Tylor Anderson, aged four, were swiped from the plot at Thornhill Gardens Allotments some time over night on Tuesdsay, January 27, and Wednesday, January 28.

But an article about the theft in the Hartlepool Mail appears to have tugged at the thieves’ heart strings and the gorgeous pets were returned. Jo said Aid had gone to the allotment and was shocked to find Barney and Tulip in a poly tunnel at the site. Aid wouldn’t normally go in the poly tunnel but he went to check something and then saw some movement,” said Jo, 48.

“He couldn’t believe it when he saw Barney and Tulip in there. Whoever had pinched them must have felt guilty or whatever and brought them back. They’d ripped a small hole in the plastic of the tunnel and pushed them through.

“Barney seemed ok but Tulip was very dehydrated and seemed in a bit of shock.”

She added: “We can’t believe that they’re back. You never really hear of people getting stolen pets returned. We’re just glad that whoever took them did bring them back, and wasn’t cruel to them or anything. I’m so relieved for our Tylor as well because he loves them.”

Tulip is resting at Jo and Aid’s home in Naisberry Park after having an operation to be spayed at the vets, but Barney is back to his bubbly self.