Stopping the sea

The new groynes and foundations
The new groynes and foundations

THE first phase of work to bolster sea defences on the Headland has been completed.

The toe of the Town Wall has been strengthened and groynes have been constructed to maintain beach levels and boost the defence along the coastline.

The first phase of work, which is part of wider £1.3m Environment Agency plans to prevent flooding, started in July this year and was completed on schedule at the end of last month.

The next stage of work at the Headland will see a low level wall constructed which will be set back from the existing wall to reduce a flooding risk posed by overflowing waves crashing against the shore.

Engineers are due to start that work in March next year once the winter weather conditions have eased.

Dennis Hancock, Hartlepool Borough Council’s principal engineer (environmental issues), said: “The first phase of work involved managing falling beach levels by replacement and reinforcement of the seaward toe of the existing wall by construction of a concrete toe beam.

“This is to maintain the wall stability against undermining to ensure its long-term structural integrity.

“As part of the first phase, the dilapidated groynes have also been re-constructed to try and maintain beach levels.”

Hartlepool Borough Council’s planning committee gave their full backing to the work in June this year.

Councillors had initially queried whether concrete was the best material to use after concerns were raised by some residents.

But council engineers said they had been in regular contact with English Heritage to ensure the proposed works were in line with the nature of the historic Town Wall.