Storm Eva drifts away - but what next for the North East after snow blast?

Storm Eva swept across the UK yesterday and dropped inches of snow on the North East.

The snow mainly lay on higher ground, but there were flurries along the coast as well.

Photo by Carl Akenhead.

Photo by Carl Akenhead.

Temperatures also plummeted, with lows of -4C last night.

So what has the weather got in store next?

We've checked with the Met Office to see if the white stuff will return soon.


Largely dry and cold with an early frost. The morning will be bright or sunny, but a cloudier afternoon with patchy rain by evening, falling as sleet or snow over the Pennines. Mainly light winds, but breezier, milder near coasts. Maximum Temperature 7°C.


Rain will largely clear away, but with patchy drizzle persisting over hills. Becoming very misty with hill fog as milder air spreads northwards. winds become light again. Minimum Temperature 1°C.


Largely cloudy with mist and fog over hills. Patchy drizzle is possible, with rain possible in north later. Chilly over hills, but milder near coasts. Mainly light winds. Maximum Temperature 7°C.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Often cloudy and breezy with periods of rain. Misty at times with hill fog. Rain may become heavy at times Wednesday and Thursday with strong southerly winds and coastal gales.