Strong reaction to Hartlepool Mayor being sacked from ‘day job’

MAYOR: Hartlepool's ceremonial mayor, Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher.
MAYOR: Hartlepool's ceremonial mayor, Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher.

THERE has been a strong reaction to the news that Hartlepool’s ceremonial mayor has been sacked from his ‘day job’.

Councillor Stephen Akers-Belcher was dismissed by Newcastle City Council, where he has managed a team of around 30 staff within the local authority’s Community Mental Health Service.

We broke the news yesterday on and we were quickly inundated with comments from readers - with some calling for Coun Akers-Belcher to leave his role as mayor.

Here are a selection of comments left on

darknessontheedgeoftown: Should be suspended until investigation is over.

RevAMSurety: SAB has been hung out to dry, his own fault the more he denies and stays in his position the worse it will get for him.

freddie: If ever an article required a full investigative enquiry this particular story does.

Jim Gillespie: Ed Milliband needs to forget the Scottish Referendum and his lame attempts to sway Scottish voters and instead focus on matters closer to home.

clav73: If the gross misconduct charge is upheld he should leave all his roles within hartlepool council as quick as he left his role as trustee at MRA.

telling it like it is: I think I speak for the majority of people in Hartlepool when I say ..... “good”.

heugher: He should stand down till the enquiry finds for or against to save the town any embarrassment.

And some of the comments left on our Facebook page:

Julie Bartlett: He is in the public eye in this town, it should effect his current post!

Pat Swinbourne: Hes always very good about helping with disabled peoples problems, I find him a very nice caring person

Sue Hudson Stead: He’s also done a lot of good for this town. Raised a stack of money for local charities too.

Ian Pringle: Sacked for gross misconduct: That’s not a light charge! And he is head of our council.

Helen Adams: He as much use as a chocolate fire guard

Emma Picton: Everyone has and are entitled to their own opinion right ? Well mine is he is a absolute waste of space and has done nish for this town!!!

Jon Hare: One reason why we had a Directly Elected Mayor: So someone could give their whole focus towards the town on a full time basis.

Owen-Maja McNally: Should be sacked as major!

Peter Wilkinson: I would have thought a care manager was a full time job in itself