Students aim for the stars

A SCHOOL science day was a soaring success when students were challenged to make rockets.

Pupils from a number of Catholic schools across the region took part in the event at English Martyrs School, in Hartlepool.

They had to design and build a rocket before launching it on the school field.

Pupils who took part were from a partnership of Catholic schools. Along with English Martyrs School, in Catcote Road, other schools involved were St Leonard’s, in Durham City, Carmel, from Darlington, St Bede’s, in Peterlee, and St Anthony’s, from Sunderland.

English Martyrs technology teacher David Roberts said: “The day went really well.

“All the schools that took part had a fantastic time and clearly enjoyed themselves.

“I think days like this are really worthwhile for students and staff from other schools to meet each other.”

St Bede’s won the challenge, based on the distance their rocket travelled and the strength of their designs.