Students celebrate ‘wonderful’ GCSE results at St Hild’s in Hartlepool

Some of the top-performing pupils at St Hild's.
Some of the top-performing pupils at St Hild's.

School leavers have been hailed for their dedication after a ‘wonderful’ set of GCSE results were celebrated.

Over half of pupils at St Hild’s Church of England School achieved at least one A* or A grade, or the equivalent.

Laura Founde achieved outstanding results.

Laura Founde achieved outstanding results.

The school also reported that 54% of pupils achieved at least five standard pass marks, including English and maths.

Among the most impressive performers was Laura Founde, 16, who achieved the equivalent of five A*, five As and a B, including two nines in English – placing her among the top performers in the country.

She said: “I couldn’t be happier with my results.

“They are much better than I was expecting.

I couldn’t be happier with my results

Laura Founde

“I can’t really believe it.

“It has been an awful time these last few weeks waiting for the results, but it all feels worth it now.

“I’m ecstatic.”

Laura – who is hoping to have a career in science – will now study for her A Levels at English Martyrs Sixth Form.

Headteacher Tracey Gibson has hailed the efforts of staff and pupils over the last year.

She said: “Our wonderful class of 2017 can be very proud of their achievements, because we certainly are.

“They have risen to the challenge of this new, more rigorous examination regime and have achieved the success they deserve.

“These results again show that St Hild’s is a rapidly improving school due to the hard work and dedication of our amazing pupils, staff and governors, along with the continued support we receive from parents and carers, and those who have worked with the school over the past two years.

“There have been outstanding individual successes at all levels, and it is again a delight to see the vast majority of our pupils happy, knowing that they have gained the grades they expected to progress to the next stage in their chosen careers.

“We wish our graduates well and are incredibly proud of their achievements.”

Jonathan Elvin, 16, achieved two A*, six As, an 8 (equivalent to an A*), six and seven (equivalent to a B and A).

He said: “I’m very pleased with those results.

“I was very nervous and unsure of how well I had done, so I felt a lot of relief when I opened them.

“I’m going to English Martyrs Sixth Form now and am hoping for a career related to maths.”

Jake Bennett, 16, came out with six A*, two As, a nine (equivalent to an A*) and two sevens (equivalent to an A).

He said: “I’m absolutely delighted with how well I did.

“This allows me to continue my goal to have a career in engineering.

“I’ll now go to English Martyrs to study for my A Levels in maths, further maths, chemistry and physics.

“It has been a stressful time, but I’m very happy now.”