Students do the Harlem Shake

COLLEGE students joined the latest internet dance craze known as the Harlem Shake.

Teenagers from East Durham College’s Peterlee campus filmed themselves doing the crazy dance and uploaded their efforts on to the web.

The students donned fancy dress before shooting the video in the college’s atrium.

The dance was led off by fitness and coaching student Darren Humphries, 18, from Hutton Henry, before he was joined by the rest of the student cast.

The trend sees one person start dancing to the Harlem Shake song before cutting to a crowd doing the convulsive dance.

It was started by five Australian teenagers and was quickly copied by fans all over the world with around 4,000 videos added to YouTube daily.

East Durham College spokesman Alistair Cummins-MacLeod said: “We wanted to do this for a bit of fun and to create a buzz about the place.

“We certainly did that with over 300 students and staff watching the filming of the video.”

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