Students light up Blue Lamp funds

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CARING students have raised hundreds of pounds for a charity that supports emergency service staff injured while doing their job.

Psychology students at Hartlepool Sixth Form College, in Blakelock Road, raised cash for the Blue Lamp Foundation, which was set up by PC David Rathband, the policeman blinded by gunman Raoul Moat last summer.

The Halloween-style event saw teenagers don costumes and sell cakes while student band The Freudian Slips performed a sponsored busk in the atrium during the dinner break.

College bosses say the final amount is still being counted. A raffle over the coming weeks will add to the total.

The money will be handed over to PC Rathband, who is due to visit the college in December to speak to the students about the charity and his experiences.

Alison Agar, a psychology tutor at the college, said: “The college is pleased with the fundraising efforts of the students.

“The event meant they could raise money for a good cause, while the visit of PC Rathband will also broaden their understanding of the work of the charity.”

The Blue Lamp Foundation is aiming to raise £1m by 2013 to help and give financial support to emergency services workers who have been injured doing their job.

Year 12 performing arts students at the college devised a Halloween walk aimed at all ages which was a big success.

It was created because, as part of their BTEC course, the students have to devise a theatre performance targeted for children.

Becki Spindloe, a performing arts teacher at the college, said: “We wanted the students to have the experience of producing a piece of theatre that would be vocationally relevant.

“As this kind of event is something that local councils and theatre groups do every year, it is something that many professional performers may be involved in during their career.”

The students had worked on the performance since September and for many of them this was their first public performance.

The audience was made up of invited primary school children, staff, students and their friends and family.

Audience members were led to different areas of the college for the show, which ended with a performance of Thriller by Michael Jackson inside the theatre.