Stupid decision or good idea? Tell us when you think Hartlepool bars should close as Popworld gets green light for 3am opening

Mail readers have been sharing their views on Hartlepool's nightlife as a town bar gets permission to remain open until 3am.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 11:53 am
Popworld's hours have been extended so they now remain open until 3am.
Popworld's hours have been extended so they now remain open until 3am.

Popworld bosses were granted permission to stay open an extra hour for a one-year trial period - but some of you think the early-morning closure time is too late.

Police in the town had previously raised objections to the change - but dropped them on the condition that the venue was subject to a one-year trial period for the later closing.

Ian Harrison, trading standards and licensing manager at Hartlepool Borough Council, said that after the one-year period, the onus would be on Popworld to make a further application to make a permanent arrangement for their opening times.

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On our social media pages, some readers argued that other, earlier, closing times were more suitable for the town's nightlife scene, while others argued that it was a "good idea" so epople could enjoy themselves.

Here is what you had to say about the decision on the Hartlepool Mail Facebook page:

Craig Bratt: "Town's rubbish now! No bar should be allowed open past 11pm only night clubs and Pop World is not a night club."

Bryan Littler: "Went through Durham last week at 11pm on a Friday night. Place was bouncing, going through Hartlepool was like a morgue. Please bring back 11 or 12 closing."

Lee Wilmot: "Do we still have a night life?"

Kathleen Foster: "They should all close at 11pm."

Jenny Thornton: "They should all close at 2am."

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Lindsey Robson: "I think it’s a good idea why spoil it for the good people who enjoy a late night out?"

Katharine Anne Craggs: "Ridiculous. Midnight is late enough."

Paul Baker: "We are a town not a city. 2am is fine."

Richard Lees: "It’s a stupid idea. The later these bars stay open, the later the idiots go out after they’ve tanked up on supermarket plonk. We should close all bars at midnight."

Thomas Patrick Joseph Cook: "Stupid decision. Should be rolling hours back; not forward."