Stylish carriage transport for Deborah’s big day

Hartlepool Mail Bride of the Year couple Denborah Langley and Andrew Mullen with John Moorhouse from the North East Carriage Company in Ward Jackson Park.  Picture by FRANK REID
Hartlepool Mail Bride of the Year couple Denborah Langley and Andrew Mullen with John Moorhouse from the North East Carriage Company in Ward Jackson Park. Picture by FRANK REID

ON the biggest day in their lives, it is important for a bride and groom to feel extra special.

And what could be better than one of the most stylish horse and carriages to make a wedding day complete.

Our Bride of the Year Deborah Langley and her groom-to-be Andrew Mullen can look forward to a classy addition to their big day thanks to the North East Carriage Company.


“THE horses are beautiful,” says bride-to-be Deborah Langley, 44.

Her future husband Andrew Mullen comments: “It’s a touch of Royalty.”

And if that was not proof enough of just how stylish their wedding carriage is, a big crowd of passers-by has gathered near the majestic horses as they have their photographs taken. It’s that wow moment, a moment of sheer spectacle.

Making it complete are two pristine horses, majestic and behaving perfectly for their moment in front of the camera.

The fact that they are here at all is down to the North East Carriage Company which is providing a horse and carriage for our couple’s biggest of days – now less than a fortnight away.

Andrew and Deborah are inching ever closer to the day when they say I do, at the finale of this year’s Bride of the Year competition run by the Hartlepool Mail in conjunction with Robert Usher Photography.

Carriage master John Moorhouse told us how the had been in existence for about 15 years and was based at a farm in Stanley, County Durham.

It is a family run firm which is owned by John Stephenson, and caters for everything from weddings and funerals to proms and promotional work.

Mr Moorhouse told us: “We are capable of doing six weddings in any one day.”

He said the firm was famous for its involvement in the wedding of Cheryl Cole and said the company had a “large selection” of both original and reproduction carriages.

It has eight black, five whites and four dun horses.

While the service mostly covers the North East, it also does work in areas including Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland.

The firm has Mr Stephenson at the helm with support from his son Lee and daughter Claire.

Mr Moorhouse said: “It is an enjoyable job and very satisfying and it makes the day special for the bride.”

He said that, often, the horse and carriage would be provided for the beaming bride as a fantastic surprise for the big day.

Mr Moorhouse added: “We pride ourselves on what we do. Attention to detail is very important to us.”

It has certainly impressed our winning couple.

Groom-to-be Andrew said: “We are going to feel like Royalty on the day.

“I would never have thought of a horse and carriage. I thought we would never have been in a position to have one. It is definitely a lovely touch.”

Deborah and Andrew can choose the carriage from a choice of four – and also pick the horses to pull them.

The wedding planning is almost over and the time for enjoying the biggest of days is almost here.

Deborah, 44, won the Bride of the Year competition after she was entered for it by fiancé Andrew, 39.

A devastating health condition has left Andrew mostly confined to a wheelchair.

But as a thank-you to his “lovely princess” he entered her into the Bride of the Year competition – and won.

Deborah has been there for him ever since he first developed the string of related conditions – degenerative spinal disease, facet joint arthritis, mechanical back pain and nerve damage.