Summer anti drink-drive campaign launched

Emergency services stage a mock-up accident and breathalyser test
Emergency services stage a mock-up accident and breathalyser test

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Firefighters cut free two actors from a crashed car to demonstrate the potentially disastrous consequences of driving the day after drinking.

The exercise was to help launch Road Safety Great Britain’s Win, Lose or Draw campaign in the North East.

It urges football fans to be aware of the dangers of driving the day after they have been drinking while watching Euro 2012 matches and the Olympic Games.

The campaign is being supported by Hartlepool Police and fire brigade, Hartlepool Borough Council and Hartlepool United, who hosted the launch.

Paul Watson, chairman of Road Safety Great Britain North East, and Hartlepool Borough Council road safety officer, said: “This campaign is aimed at the vast majority of law abiding citizens who will enjoy the European championships and not appreciate that whatever they have had to drink the night before could impact on their driving in the morning.

“We don’t want to be seen as party poopers in terms of the celebrations.

“Any drink can impair your driving and can result in disastrous consequences from being involved in collisions.

“The emergency services play a massive part in road safety and without their support we wouldn’t be able extend the campaign to the widest audience.”

It takes the body an average of an hour to rid itself of one unit of alcohol, but this varies from person to person.

During the demonstration, firefighters showed how they assess potential casualties after a crash and safely remove them by cutting the doors and roof off.

They removed a mock passenger on a stretcher and the driver was breath tested by police.

Hartlepool Fire Brigade have presented similar mock rescues to over 58,000 people as part of their Learn and Live awareness scheme.

Ian Dixon, manager of Stranton Fire Station, believes the demonstrations are partly to thank for a reduction in collisions.

Around a fifth of road accident victims attended by Hartlepool firefighters have to be cut free.

The Win Lose or Draw campaign will be extended to include the Olympic Games.

More information, and a morning after calculator, can be found at the website