Sunbeam Singers help raise £500

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A CONCERT held at a Baptist Church in aid of an international charity has helped raise an impressive £500.

Oxford Road Baptist Church, in Hartlepool’s Oxford Road, hosted the Sunbeam Singers concert in aid of Good News Ministry, India, which supports people in that part of the world.

The work of Good News Ministry India (GNM) began in 1988 and since then has grown to include 50 churches, 35 pastors, two orphanages, a widow’s home and two pieces of land. After five years the GNM recently completed a large building project and now have a three-storey building which will eventually house up to 50 very poor and needy widows.

Eric Reeve, of Oxford Road Baptist Church, said: “We had a wonderful evening with them and about 100 people attended the concert.

“We have been able to raise another £500 for Good News Ministry, India which will help to make a difference in many peoples lives.”

Over the years funds have helped many people in India to overcome the loss of homes and fishing boats after the Boxing day Tsunami of 2004 and also help to rebuild homes that were lost in a place called Repalle after a canal burst its banks during the monsoon season of 2008.

Officials say through donations funds have also been provided for six bore wells, rice distributions, eye, cataract and other operations, medication and medicines, bibles, clothing and regular sponsorship of children, widows, pastors and their families.

Mr Reeve added: “We have been supporting Good News Ministry, India since 1996 and have gained support from the Teesside area.”