Super Mia is the tops in tap dance

MIA Sadler who proved herself the queen of tap dancing
MIA Sadler who proved herself the queen of tap dancing

A PROUD mum has paid tribute to her daughter after her fantastic success at a dance competition.

The tribute came after eight-year-old Mia Sadler tapped her way to a dance crown against more than 50 rivals from across the North-East.

Hartlepool resident Natalie Sadler, 32, said her daughter’s triumph was even more remarkable because she was one of the youngest competitors in her age group.

Mia danced her way to victory at the Cleveland Juvenile Tap Dancing Championship.

The youngster, who lives in the Oxford Road area of town and attends Sacred Heart Primary School, in Hartlepool, entered the competition, which took place at Nunthorpe.

Delighted Natalie said: “There were more than 50 people in her section and we thought it would be so hard because this is the category for under 10s, and Mia is only eight.

“You expect the older ones to win but she did so well.”

Mia has a sister Kelsey, 15, who is also a talented dancer, and a brother Oliver, aged nine.

She dances at the Val Armstrong School of Performing Arts which is based in Whitby Street South, in Hartlepool. Natalie, who is married to 39-year-old gardener Michael, said: “Mia has been going to Val’s school for a year and she has done really well.

“She has only just turned eight years old and she has got to the finals of championships and finished in the top six.

“When they said she had won this one, the whole hall started cheering. It was fabulous.”

Mia’s next competition is coming up at the Whit holidays, and after that, she will be aiming for the British championships at Blackpool.

Dance school owner Val Armstrong said: “Mia deserves to do well.

“She is such a hard worker and she is so focused in what she does.”