Super-slimmer’s transformation

Super slimmer Gaynor Briscoe.
Super slimmer Gaynor Briscoe.

A WOMAN who lost a staggering nine stone has given up her job to help others fight the flab.

Gaynor Briscoe lost the life-changing amount of weight and a new-found confidence at the same time.

She slimmed down from 20st 9lb to 11st 9lb, and has completely transformed her lifestyle.

She found the self-belief to run the Great North Run, as previously reported by the Mail.

And Gaynor and her husband, tax consultant Andrew, 42, are also now looking into fostering children.

To add to Gaynor’s new lease of life, she has just given up her job as a social inclusion assistant at Rift House Primary School to become a full-time Slimming World consultant.

She already runs a class on a Tuesday night at St Bega’s Primary School, in Thorpe Street, Hartlepool, at 7pm.

Now she is starting a day-time class at Hartlepool Catholic Social Club, in Marlowe Road, on Thursdays at 1pm.

Gaynor, 38, who lives in the Raby Road area, said: “It was very hard to leave my job.

“But it’s just that time in my life.

“I know it sounds corny, but I’ve gone from helping children achieve their potential in whatever way possible, whether through attendance or behaviour, to helping people be a healthier, happier person.

“Everything’s so different now – I was very quiet and now I’m a very confident person and vibrant and outgoing.

“Members think ‘if she can do it, I can’.”

Gaynor gradually lost the mammoth amount of weight over a decade after getting weighed on April 1 around 13 years ago.

Gaynor, who swapped post night-out pizzas at 2am and snacks throughout the day for healthy meals, said: “Now I don’t think twice about doing things.

“Before, I was going into clothes shops and buying sizes 26 or 28.

“But now I can go in and pick up a 10 or a 12.

“My husband has seen a massive change in me and we do a lot more together now.

“We trained for the Great North Run together.

“It has completely changed both our lives.”