Support for nursing proposals

A NURSING union has welcomed Government plans to help free up nurses to spend more time devoted to patients.

The North-East branch of the Royal College of Nurses, which has members in Hartlepool, backed the announcement by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Estephanie Dunn, acting regional director of the union’s Northern Region said: “Here in the North-East we are fortunate to have excellent nurses delivering high quality front line care.

“However, I know we can always do better and certainly the Government’s proposal to free up nurses’ time so that they can focus all of their energies on the needs of their patients is welcome.”

She said that excessive paperwork was becoming a distraction from delivering the basics of front-line care.

Miss Dunn added: “I am also pleased to see that the Government is proposing to empower the ward sister, so that every ward has a clear line of responsibility.

“Patients need to know who is ultimately responsible for their care and ward sisters have the experience to provide expert leadership to the team.”