Support for poorly Paige

Bethany Tate with her daughter Paige Evans who is finally back home after being in hospital.
Bethany Tate with her daughter Paige Evans who is finally back home after being in hospital.

A TERMINALLY ill youngster and her loving parents are more than £1,600 better off thanks to the support of generous fundraisers.

Two-year-old Paige Evans has battled a string of life-threatening illnesses in her short life that have left her blind and deaf.

After fighting off various conditions, medics told Paige’s devastated parents, Bethany, 21, and Paul, 29, they could do no more for their daughter.

The kind mum of tragic cancer victim Becky Bell was aware of Paige’s battles and wanted to show her support for the family.

In just three weeks, she organised a fundraising event and completely sold out all of the tickets.

And The Hourglass pub, in Eaglesfield Road, was packed out last Friday night with generous residents dipping into their pockets and raising £1,615.

Julie, whose daughter Becky sadly passed away in January 2012 after a heartbreaking seven-month battle with brain cancer, said: “Obviously having been through it with Becky, we know how much things can cost and how the expense can top up.

“Things like petrol costs up and down to the hospital, parking fees, all sorts of little things like that.

“Paige’s parents shouldn’t have to be worrying about things like that while they are going through this.”

Julie, who is married to Mark, 38, and is also a mum of Vicki, 25, and Mark, 13, added: “We just wanted to show our support.

“The support and help we got was absolutely amazing, it’s nice to be able to give something back.

“And Bethany and Paul were over the moon when we gave them the money.”

Julie said Paige’s parents, who moved from their home in the West View area of town to Sunderland to be nearer Newcastle’s RVI Hospital, were also hoping to be able to treat Paige to a short holiday.