Support for young carers

A CHARITY fears young carers could be slipping through the net and missing out on important support.

To tackle the problem, Barnardo’s in Peterlee has launched a scheme for 16 to 24-year-olds to access help.

Barnardo’s believe young adults fall in the gap between children who are young carers and older, adult carers.

Scheme co-ordinator Mark Blyth said: “Young carers are being looked after relatively well by children’s services, schools and other organisations, but by the time these young people reach adulthood, they are starting to slip under the radar.

“The children’s service stops and the young people don’t get then get picked up and transfer into adult services. Or the young people don’t identify themselves as carers and ask for help.”

Mark’s new service aims to make connections with support services in Peterlee and to alert them to the fact that these young people exist.

Any young person who needs advice can contact Mark on (0191) 4929000 or email