Switch on to fight burglars

HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged to light up their homes and fend off burglars.

Hartlepool Police are starting their Light the Night campaign as the longer nights draw in.

PC Steve Davies, a crime prevention officer with Hartlepool Police, and Victim Support staff are holding a home security and personal safety awareness event on Wednesday.

From 10am-11.30am they will be on hand in the town’s Central Library to give advice about how lights can be used to deter thieves.

The event is being supported by The Safer Hartlepool Partnership with plug-in timers, plug-in night lights and personal attack alarms available at a cost of £1 per item.

PC Davies said: “Although burglary rates in the town are low at present, we want to provide householders with crime prevention devices to enable them to take simple measures to make their home more safe and secure and reduce the risk of been a target for would-be thieves.

“Most burglaries occur when your home is unoccupied, so it is important, particularly at this time of the year and through the winter months, to make sure your home looks occupied during the evening time with the use of plug-in timers, which automatically switch your lights or other appliances such as radios to give the impression that someone is in.

“Timers should be used in rooms which are normally occupied such as lounges or bedrooms and those which are visible from the road.”

For more information contact PC Davies on (01642) 302579..