Take care in the cold

HEALTH chiefs have warned people to look after themselves, their elderly residents and neighbours ahead of a bitterly cold weekend.

With rain, sleet and icy conditions set to continue, bosses from NHS North East say very cold weather increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and severe breathing problems, as well as the number of slips, trips and falls.

Phil Bain, strategic head of emergency preparedness at NHS North East, said: “We’ve seen some horrendous icy conditions over the past few days and we’re urging everyone to take extra care of themselves and others.

“People need to try and keep as warm and dry as they can.”

Vulnerable groups to check on include the elderly, people with long-term health conditions, babies and the very young, people with disabilities and those living in cold, damp homes and the homeless.

Top tips include closing curtains and shutting doors to keep heat in, using hot water bottles or electric blankets, eating well and wrapping up warm.

If possible people should stay indoors and keep active by moving round at least once an hour.