Take our Highway Code test...

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SO why well do you know your Highway Code?

Test yourself with these examples of questions posed in speed awareness courses.

1 You are driving along a road and there are no speed limit signs on the road. How could you know you are in a 30mph limit? Is is by the presence of:

a) hazard warning lines;

b) by street lighting;

c) by pedestrian islands;

d) by single or double yellow lines.

2 You are travelling at 30mph in a built up area. If an incident occurs ahead that requires you to apply the brakes, what distance will you have

travelled before braking commences?

a) Six metres (20ft);

b) 10 metres (33ft);

c) 9 metres (30ft);

d) 12 metres (40ft).

3 Driving at 70mph uses more fuel than driving at 50mph by up to:

a) 50 per cent;

b) 40 per cent;

c) 30 per cent;

d) 20 per cent.

4 What is the speed limit on a dual carriageway, where the national speed limit applies, for a goods vehicle not exceeding 7.5 tonnes in laden weight ?

a) 70mph;

b) 50mph;

c) 40mph;

d) 60mph.

5 What is the UK legal tyre tread depth limit?

a) 1.6mm;

b) 1.8mm;

c) 2.0mm;

d) 3.0mm.

Answers: 1 b; 2 c; 3 c; 4 d; 5 a.