Taking action to stop arson

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OFFICERS from a host of agencies have been taking immediate action to stamp out arson risks.

 A task group was out in the Belle Vue area of Hartlepool last week to highlight potential problems such as empty houses or gardens with piles of rubbish that could be tempting to fire starters.

 The initiative is the first of its kind to be held on the estate since its large-scale regeneration.

It coincides with the launch of the Mail’s Stamp It Out campaign, which was set up with the help of the police, fire brigade and local authority in an attempt to cut down on the problem of arson, which costs taxpayers up to £2m each year.

 Police community support officer (PCSO) Jamie Swainston, said: “It is important for the residents of the Belle Vue estate to know that we are taking their concerns seriously. Being on the estate with our partners means that we can act quickly to address any issues before they become more of a problem for the residents.”

 Agencies taking part included Cleveland Police, Cleveland Fire Brigade, Hartlepool Borough Council, Housing Hartlepool and Endeavour Housing, along with residents.