Talia is in the chair!

Jacqui Gettings (left) from Epilepsy Outlook presents Talia and Clair Foster (right) with the chair
Jacqui Gettings (left) from Epilepsy Outlook presents Talia and Clair Foster (right) with the chair

A BATTLING youngster has been given a boost thanks to a local organisation that helps epilepsy sufferers.

Talia Foster, two, was presented with a new tumble form chair by staff at Epilepsy Outlook who read her story in the Mail.

The organisation, based in York Road, Hartlepool, used its own funding to pay £363 for the chair. It will help to support Talia, who suffers from daily seizures. And they have agreed to buy her next chair when she grows out of this one.

Talia’s grateful mum Clair was worried when doctors told her they could not get funding for a new seat.

The 37-year-old, who is also mum to Callum, 15, and seven-year old Gabrielle, said: “She already had a tumble form but she’s growing out of it and the physicians said they couldn’t fund a new one.

“Epilepsy Outlook got in touch with me and asked me if there was anything we needed.I mentioned the tumble form and they said order one and we will pay for it. I can’t thank them enough.”

The portable chair means Clair can easily transport Talia. Clair, who lives in the Owton Manor area of Hartlepool and is married to Brendan, 35, said: “It will give Talia more independence.

“The chair sits on the floor so she can join in with other kids.

“It’s also the chair I take her in when she goes to hospital. It helps her sit up and drains fluid from her chest.”

Graeme Ringwood, advice worker at Epilepsy Outlook, said the group’s chairman, Stephen Goodwin, noticed Talia’s story in the Mail.

He added: “With Talia having epilepsy as one of her health issues, we thought it would be a good idea to get involved. Talia’s mum has said when she does grow out of it she will give it back to us and we will be able to try to sell it on.”