Talia’s doing well despite minor setback

Talia Foster 5th July 2011. Picture by FRANK REID
Talia Foster 5th July 2011. Picture by FRANK REID

THE loving mum of brave Talia Foster says the youngster continues to get stronger by the month – although the three year old has had a minor health setback.

Talia enjoyed a good start to 2012 which saw the battling youngster start to use her hands for the very first time and swallow properly thanks to new medication.

But the youngster, who suffers with a daily ordeal of seizures, has developed a chest infection in the last two weeks, something which in the past has caused problems.

Luckily her mum, Clair, 37, says the infection hasn’t got on to her lungs, although doctors are just keeping a close eye on her.

Clair and husband Brendan, 36, are also set for a trip to Newcastle’s RVI Hospital in the coming weeks to discuss potential surgery Talia may require.

Talia is unable to put her feet flat on the floor but her parents are hoping the problem can be solved by putting both of her legs in plaster and avoiding surgery.

Despite the minor setbacks, Clair and Brendan, who are also parents of Callum, 16, and Gabrielle, seven, say they are delighted with Talia’s development.

The youngster who needs to take eight different types of medication every day, is a pupil at Grange Primary School and Springwell Primary School, both in the town, where she has made a number of friends.

Weekly physio sessions at the Step Together Centre, in Darlington, are also going well.

“Other than a couple of minor setbacks she is doing really well,” said mum Clair.

“She absolutely loves school, she is recognising her name and I like the fact she gets normality.

“The kids and the teachers mother her and it’s brilliant that I can feel comfortable when I leave her, it’s like leaving her with my mam.”

As well as treatment to strengthen her core in Darlington the family are set for a trip to Milton Keynes to another specialist centre in the coming weeks.

It’s set to be a busy period for the family who are also planning to organise more fundraisers for Talia in the summer.

Clair added: “Things are going well at the minute.

“She’s getting stronger all of the time which is excellent.”