Tall order for budding gardener

Heidi Day with her Sunflower. Picture by FRANK REID
Heidi Day with her Sunflower. Picture by FRANK REID

HOW about this for a blooming good bit of gardening?

Heidi Day, six, planted two sunflowers in her granddad’s garden in April. But she had no idea one of them would turn out like this.

The impressive-looking flower now stands about 15ft high and reaches past the upstairs windows.

Heidi and her granddad, Mal Day, 56, have tried their luck at planting sunflowers before. But none of them have ended up like this.

“It’s brilliant,” said Heidi. “I didn’t know they could get this tall. I want to do it again and try to get one even taller.”

The flower now takes pride of place in Mal’s back garden in Lincoln Road, Hartlepool.

The engineer and dad-of-two, who lives with wife, Eileen, 56, a medical secretary, said: “Heidi’s always wanting to be out in the garden so we planted two sunflowers in April and watched them as they grew.

He said: “Not much happened with one of them, but the other one just kept growing.

“When we started there was no way we thought it would end up like this.

“I haven’t measured it so I don’t know exactly how tall it is but it isn’t far off the roof of the house. I think we will have to do it again next year to see if we can beat this one.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself a keen gardener, but I have never seen a sunflower like this one before.

“The tallest I have seen in the past have been seven or eight feet.”

As well as helping out in the garden at her grandparents’ home, Heidi spends a lot of time pottering in the garden at her home in Benmore Road, Hartlepool, where she lives with mum, Danielle, 27.

Danielle, a self-employed educational resources supplier, said: “We have a huge garden and Heidi always wants to be outside.

“She has planted a lot of plants and flowers at home in the past and takes really good care of them.

“She has never had a sunflower like this one before though.

“I am really proud of her, and she is proud of herself. I have a feeling she could be trying to challenge it in the future.”