Team stunts are taken to the limit

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HUNDREDS of people packed into a motor show to watch a display of death-defying stunts.

Extreme Events Europe Team brought their action-packed show to Hartlepool at the weekend.

Here’s another chance to see some pictures from the event, including a selection from Mail reader Adnrew Dorrian.

Mail reporter Felicity Hunter went along to the event with her family and was wowed, along with the rest of the crowd, at the showmen’s daring exploits.

She said: “It was a brilliant show, the stunts were excellent and had everybody watching.

“There were even some parts of the show, that had people gobsmacked, particularly when the motorbike riders were flying through the air doing acrobat-style movements on the bikes before landing on the ground.

“They saved the best until last when the monster trucks crushed a row of parked cars with their massive wheels. All the kids had their eyes glued on them and some had their hands covering their ears because the engines were so loud.”

Other parts of the show which had the crowd hooked were:

l A stunt woman driving the two side wheels of a car up a ramp and letting it roll over and land on its side,

l A car driving into a set of stilts with a man on top,

l A Land Rover riding along on two wheels and a stuntman climbing out of the passenger-side window and standing on top of the moving vehicle.

l Motorbikes, a buggy and a quad bike speeding into a steep ramp and flying through the air before landing on a ramp at the other side.

l Skilled pedal cyclists riding up the same ramps and doing tricks in mid-air.