Technician makes own teeth

A DENTAL lab manager got a taste of his own handiwork when he made his own replacement fillings.

Richard Elliott, who works at Queensway Dental Clinic, in Billingham, created his own porcelain inlay fillings when he noticed his upper and lower fillings were in need of repair.

Porcelain inlays are a more natural looking alternative to the traditional metal fillings.

Richard made his own replacements in the lab using the latest technology.

The precision process is overseen by hand and three technicians to ensure the perfect fit in the mouth.

Richard said: “It was peculiar putting myself into the patient’s shoes and going through their experiences at Queensway.

“I’m lucky to have been able to create my own porcelain inlays, not many people can say they have made their own teeth.

“But I pay as much attention and care to every product I work on regardless of who it’s for.

“Working in the laboratory is great, and we’re lucky to be working with some revolutionary equipment.”

The on site dental laboratory means patients do not have to wait as long as if their products were sent to outside laboratories.

Richard has more than 15 years experience and oversees the nine members of staff employed in the dental laboratory.