Teen ‘died’ three times - and lived

RECOVERING: Emmerson Hird (front right) with (from left) PCs Mark Wearmouth and Lucy Oxley, John Wood and Ian Garrett
RECOVERING: Emmerson Hird (front right) with (from left) PCs Mark Wearmouth and Lucy Oxley, John Wood and Ian Garrett
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A 17-YEAR-OLD had to be brought “back from the dead” three times after collapsing at home due to an undetected heart condition.

Emmerson Hird then spent 19 days in a coma in a specialist heart unit before waking to thank those who saved his life.

Today, as he recovers in his hospital bed three months after his ordeal, he said: “I feel I’m the luckiest teenager alive.”

Emmerson, who is now 18, had lived a perfectly normal life and had showed no symptoms of any health problems, until the drama on June 6.

He was at home in his bedroom when he suddenly took ill and collapsed on the spot.

His brother, Michael, 22, ran to his aid and made a desperate 999 call when he realised Emmerson was not breathing.

Emergency crews rushed to his home, next to Donnini House, in Easington Colliery, and emergency services took over as they frantically tried to revive him.

His devastated dad Norman, 43, had received a frantic phone call from Michael to tell him he believed Emmerson had died.

Norman rushed home to find the devastating sight of paramedics trying to save his son’s life.

Norman, a full-time carer, said: “I jumped into a taxi and told the driver the situation. I don’t know what was going through my mind.

“I ran into the house and the first words I heard was ‘clear’, and I just knew it was going to be dreadful news.

“We feared the worst and I was in hysterics. I couldn’t believe that it was my son.”

The youngster had suffered a heart attack due to the undiagnosed condition Long QT Syndrome, which claims 12 teenage lives in the UK every week.

Emmerson was rushed to a specialist unit in Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital where he was induced into a coma for two days but then did not awake for another 17 days.

Norman added: “I want to pay tribute to everyone involved who have saved my son more than once because without them, I would be without my youngest son.

“I can’t believe he’s still alive.”

Emmerson’s brother Michael’s cries for help were heard by neighbour John Wood, 65, who ran from his bungalow to find Emmerson on the floor of his room.

John then began CPR with his “adrenaline rushing”.

John, who was a plumber before he retired, said: “I was just making a cup of tea and then all of a sudden I could hear the screams.

“Emmerson was blue in the face and as I look back on the event, he was dead in my arms. I just had to do the CPR and carry on to try and help him before the emergency response came to do their work.”

The ambulance crew, first responder Ian Garrett, the police and John made Emmerson stable enough to travel to hospital. Ian travelled to hospital with Emmerson to assist the crew.

Emmerson, who is recovering in Sunderland Royal Hospital, said: “I am so grateful for all the help and support I have received from all of those who ultimately saved my life.”

Lynsey McCabe, community resuscitation manager for the North East Ambulance Service, said: “This is an excellent example of the chain of survival where all the components and people come together to ultimately save a person’s life. It’s so wonderful to hear that Emmerson is on the road to recovery.”