Teen’s sea adventure

Chelsea Brown
Chelsea Brown

A BRAVE teenager who suffers from a rare blood disorder put her troubles to one side to take part in a three-day sailing adventure.

Chelsea Brown, 18, was diagnosed with aplastic anaemia in 2008, but was courageous enough to get involved with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust, which aims to inspire young people’s recovery through sailing.

The condition, which causes blood cell production to break down, can be fatal if untreated and effects around 150 people in the UK every year.

But Chelsea, from Peterlee, did not let that stop her from taking to the waves alongside 20 cancer and leukaemia sufferers on a three day yacht adventure around the Solent Waters, off the Isle of White.

She said: “I would definitely come again. Meeting new people in the same boat as you is a positive thing, you’re not on your own on trips like this and no-one judges.”

After undergoing treatment at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle, Chelsea finished her treatment in 2010.

She took part in the sailing project from September 3 to September 6.

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust was founded in 2003 and aims to rebuild patients confidence by giving them the opportunity to test themselves in a supportive environment.

Dame Ellen MacArthur, who broke the record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe, was full of praise for those who took part.

She said: “These young adults are truly amazing. They are truly inspiring”.